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Search Engine Submission Guide

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Developing a website to promote your company's products or services does not end when your website is live on the Internet. Not only is it necessary to continually fine-tune your website's information, but your site must also be submitted to search engines in order for people to find what you have to offer.
Search Engine Submission Considerations
Websites can easily be submitted to a search engine using their submission form. Completing this search engine submission request tells the search engine you want your site to be considered for inclusion in their database.
There is no guarantee that your site will be included or how long it will
take to include your site if accepted. It also does not mean you'll be found
for your desired search terms. The important thing to remember here is that
you are requesting your site be included in the search engine's database.
Over 80% of people use a search engine as a starting point to find

This makes it very important for you to submit your website to search engines so there is a chance your site will be found by people who are interested in your offer. Always keep in mind not only do you want visitors, but conversions as well. Remember, good website design includes being specific about your product/service offerings. People should not have to guess what your site is about, make it clear, easy to navigate and quick
to load.

If you feel confident you have a well designed, search-engine friendly site, submitting is the way to go. While many companies claim to submit your website to thousands of search engines, it is not necessary as the majority of people using search engines visit only 10-15 search engines considered to be the major players.

How Often Should My Website By Submitted?
Generally a website should only be re-submitted if content on a webpage
changes or the webpage is no longer part of the search engine's database.
Sites can be dropped from a search engine database for any number of reasons. For example, if a search engine spider came back to revisit your website and at the same time your site is offline or took too long to
connect, the search engine spider may inadvertently suspect the webpage is no longer active and remove it from the database.

Is Search Engine Optimization The Same As Search Engine Submission?
No. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the development of web pages so websites have a good chance of appearing near the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords/keyphrases.

This is achieved by specifically developing the web pages themselves to make them search engine friendly while at the same time remaining useful for visitors. SEO includes submitting to search engines.

Search engine submissions on the other hand, submits websites to search engines without ensuring the website is search engine friendly.

Express Inclusion
Express Inclusion (Paid Inclusion or PFI) programs are one way for sites to
increase their search engine presence quickly and affordably. PFI enables
sites to submit URLs directly into search engine indices without relying on
crawlers finding the pages independently. Engines generally add the URLs to their indices within 2-3 days of submission.

The benefit of this shouldn't be underestimated.
Not only does your site get listed, your content is always up to date in the
search engines. Previously (and with most of the free-to-list ones now) the content the search recorded about your site may have only been updated once a month.

For well optimized pages, paid inclusion can be one of the most
cost-effective SEO solutions available. When measured over the course of a year, well performing pages can achieve a cost per click of just pennies, or even less.

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