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Ten Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

One of the best ways to move your business forward is by getting your business a website. It's not as expensive as you think, and when done properly can give you more return on your investment than most other forms of "traditional" advertising and promotion. Lets take look at 10 reasons why your business needs a website. Most of these will apply to your company!

1. A Website Can Generate a Professional Image
A professionally designed website is one of the best ways to instill confidence in new customers who are not familiar with you company. It gives the impression they are dealing with a firm they can trust and will generate a sense of respectability.

2. Business Information Available
List your address, phone numbers, fax numbers, hours of operation and special offerings.

3. A Website is the Ideal Promotional Tool
Unlike the yellow pages you can update your customer offerings at anytime. Plus it’s cheaper and quicker to update your website than printed materials such as brochures and flyers!

4. Sell More Products
Millions of people purchase products from the internet each day, creating billions of dollars sold by ecommerce businesses.

5. Provide Research Information
Consumers spend hours of time researching potential businesses, products and services prior to making an educated purchase.

6. Reach Desirable Demographic Markets
The internet has the highest mass-market demographic available, consisting of mostly educated consumers making above average salaries.

7. Open International Markets
With a business website, you can reach international markets just as easy as the consumer across the street. Your website can be reached by anyone with access to the internet.

8. Create a 24 Hour Service
The internet may be open 24 hours, but typically your business is not. Websites can serve your clients, visitors, and partners 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

9. Customer Feedback
Having brochures, catalogs, sales material will not always generate sales or leads. With a website you can ask for and receive customer feedback without extra cost.

10. Help People Make Quick Decisions
Provide product or service information, prices, and specifications so visitors and customers can make quick informed decisions.

Whether you decide to design and build your own website or hire a professional, don't let your competition leave you behind. Start increasing your sales and service by getting your business on-line today!


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