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How to modify your DNS
for Dotster customers

Dotster Inc.

1. Type into your browser.

2. Click Account at the top of the screen.

3. Enter the login ID and password information provided to you by Dotster upon the initial registration of your domain name.

* If you do not have or have lost this information, select and click the Forgot Your Password? option below the login area.

4. Once you have logged on you will be presented with the Account Management menu. Click Domain List.under the account heading ‘Domain Tools.’

5. You will then be provided a list of domains that you have with Dotster, Inc. Click the domain for which you wish to change the DNS information.

6. On the right of the screen you will see the current DNS servers for your domain. Click Update Name Servers to make your changes.

7. Replace any existing name server information with HostW3’s DNS information, clicking Add after each one, until all DNS servers have been listed.


8. Once the DNS servers are all listed, click Continue.

9. You should then receive a message from Dotster containing a confirmation code. This will indicate that your request to modify your DNS servers has been updated.

If you cannot find where to make the needed changes, or encounter issues with the Web interface for your Dotster account, please refer to the help pages at

If you cannot resolve your issue, Dotster has provided a support area on their Web site where you may request assistance:


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